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As you guys know one of the key elements of slow is the 24 hour one hand concept. The unique way of showing the time by leaving out all unnecessary hands and displaying all hours of the day on the dial. This is a much more natural way to show the time as the hand follows the natural movement of the sun through out the day.

BUT NOW we just learned that even scientifically our concept is more intuitive than the standard 12h clock!

Our friend Janina (you see her and slow Jo on the pic below) has dyscalculia.

To be honest, we never heard of this before…. Basically it is what dyslexia is for words but for numbers. Even more confused now? So this means basically that people with this condition are usually really smart (e.g. Janina studies at the European school of design) but they are not able to calculate numbers. Often to such an extend that they can’t read a normal clock, as this also requires mathematical logic.

And here comes the unbelievable, amazing thing: Janina can actually read the slow watch perfectly fine! As it follows a natural “logic” and does not artificially divide the day into 2 halves and hours into minutes. So slow Jo was the first watch in her life she could manage to read!

We are super excited that the slow watch can actually help people with dyscalculia to read the time on a watch again. HOW AWESOME IS THIS!?!

Apart from that we found Janina super slow as – due to her condition – she simply sees things with different eyes than most people. Where others see a problem she visualised the solution right away as she is not distracted by logical numbers. Just pure creativity 🙂

Thanks soooooo much to Janina for sharing this great story with us and inspiring us.

And Dyscalculia – EAT THIS!

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