2014-09-16 01:13:40

“Mesh”-Up Your Life!!

And yeeees, we CAN spell “mesh” correctly 😉 We are totally excited to introduce three new members to the slow product family:
The monochrome Silver, Black, and Gold Mesh Band styles!

As you know an important part of the slow idea is to bring back elements in to our life, which may have been almost forgotten but which are just too good to not precious them again. Of course starting with the 24 hour one hand concept itself which is the original way of showing the time before people split the day artificially into two halves and added more hands…

Now it is time for another of these great things: The classic Milanese steel mesh straps, that were first used for watch bracelets in Milan in the 19th century. They create a fantastic vintage look, don’t you think!?

The band wraps super smoothly around your wrist and you can adjust the length by yourself within a seconds.

Check them out in our shop and order one to try it yourself – as always of course with full return right and free shipping!

So go for it and start Meeeeeshiiiiing Up Your Life!!!



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