We wanted to show you just how much this product truly represents the concept of slow by highlighting some of its impeccable details.



The watch has a Swiss Made Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT movement that originally has 4 hands plus the date. We only use the one hand that shows the 24 hour time in order to create a true slow watch that is reduced to only one necessary component. But we think it’s pretty cool to know that there actually is quite a complex movement happening inside of your watch.

The great thing is that the 24 hour dial allows you to see the entire day in one view. This fundamentally changes the way you look at your watch and it will give you a much better consciousness about the progression of your day. You will realize that the dial does not show a logo as we believe a great product does not need to show any visible branding to be recognized. A unique design language should do the job. The slow logo only appears hidden on the back of the case.


During the first days it might feel a bit unusual to have only one hand indicating the time. But don’t worry, you will get used to it very quickly and start appreciating this much more natural way of showing the time. With only one glance at your watch, you will immediately get a good orientation of where you stand in your day. Taking a normal look, you will get a precise enough indication of the time.

Every index shows a 15 minutes time bracket


This beautiful object -made of durable 316L stainless steel- is certainly the highlight of this amazing product.
It took our designers and engineers a heck of a lot of work to bring this pure shape alive. The result is an object that, seen from all angles, is perfectly symmetrical.

For example, look at the case from the side and you will realize that the edges on the upper and lower parts have exactly the same proportions.

To give the watch its distinct vintage look we used a raised, extra hardened (K1) mineral glass with antireflective coating. It gives you a crystal clear view on the dial and is extra resistant to scratches.

In order to achieve a fully integrated case back, our engineers created a top loader construction. The result is this perfectly smooth back which is fixed with 8 screws to the case to ensure 100 meter water resistance. This is the only place where you can find the slow logo – precisely laser etched into the steel.


The slow watches are manufactured in Switzerland - the country where the art of watch making was invented. It is where true quality, artisan precision and attention to detail is achieved by doing things in a slow and thorough way. Therefore, we think Switzerland and slow watches are a great match! And it will ensure that you guys get the best possible product and are happy with it for a very long time.



be slow

When you look at the amazing slow product and benchmark it with other watches in the market you will probably think that there must be something wrong. How can the guys from slow offer such a premium product at such a low price? Well, that is the result of our focus on a direct-to-you approach. We ship the watch to you directly from the factory in Switzerland (via our logistic partner). That means we cut out the middleman. Other brands sell to a distributor or subsidiary (and double the price) and this party sells to retailers (who double the price again). And the retailer finally sells to you. So by cutting out all these steps and mainly selling directly over the internet we can offer a much better price value ratio.

We hope you appreciate the difference and tell your friends about it !


Make love to your watch!
We created a packaging for our product that will make you fall in love with your new slow Jo at first sight.

This is how the love story might go:
First: You touch it and feel the soft rubberized finishing.
Second: You play with it and appreciate its perfect cube shape and solid build
Third: You open the lid and have your slow watch saying hello to you through the hole in the second layer where the watch is perfectly integrated and the raised glass presents the watches face to you
Fourth: You open the second layer and finally hold this beautiful timepiece in your hands.
Fifth: We leave it up to you guys what happens next ;)

As a side bonus, you can use our box as a table clock…


First you should put the watch around your wrist, leave the buckle open and pretend to close the watch by pressing both ends of the metal band against each other. If you don’t have arms like a wood chopper, there should be some links left over at the end. Count them, so you know how many you have to take out to make the watch fit perfectly. You will find a nice little screw driver in the slow box. Use it to open the screws on both sides of the first link that you want to remove. Take out the links and fix the last end-pieces again.